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6 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Roofing Company

There are common mistakes people make when they have a bad roofing contractor experience. In this post we will look at the six most common mistakes made by someone hiring a roofing specialist. NOT checking if the roofing company is licensed or not. It’s very important to […]

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Exercise Caution with DIY Roofing

For seasoned do-it-yourself home improvement types, replacing your Dallas area home’s roof might be an easy task. With online sources such as YouTube and other home improvement specific sites, learning to replace a roof can be rather easy. However, one of the most overlooked areas of doing […]

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Stop These 3 Roofing Leaks Before They Begin

Once your roof starts leaking, it can end up being a costly project as there is always a chance that you will need roof replacement and not just roof repair. Chances are that by the time you notice the need for roof repair, you’ve already waited too […]

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Why Fall Roof Inspections Are Important

The roof of your home deserves a fall inspection. To be ready for winter, routine roof inspections are very important. Before the start of winter, it is recommended that you call a professional who would properly evaluate the state of your roof and advise you on the […]

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Why Is Proper Roof Ventilation So Important?

Proper attic ventilation provides benefits all year–round by creating drier attics in the winter and cooler attics in the summer. In fact, it enhances the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. Homeowners whose utility bills continue to grow each month should consider checking their roofing ventilation. […]

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Residential Roofing – 3 Things to Know

When it comes to managing your home’s roof, there’s typically three things you need to consider. What repairs to keep an eye out for? When should I replace it? Who to hire to replace it or repair it? All Roof Repairs are Not Equal When it comes […]

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The Importance of a Roof Inspection When Selling Your Home

A roof is the most important aspect of a home. It protects the home from the elements and can truly make or break a home sale. That is why it is essential to have a good roof on your home. If you suspect that your roof needs […]

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Pros and Cons of Asphalt Based Systems vs. Single Ply

New manufacturing methods and technologies have given rise to an alphabet soup of roofing options in recent decades. For the past 30 years, the use of single-ply roofing sheets has grown in popularity as more commercial users realize their ease of installation, flexibility, and competitive price. The […]

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Your Roofing Warranty Matters

When it comes to shopping for a new roof, your roof’s warranty matters. Most consumers simply ask, “How long is the warranty?”, but diving deeper into the details of that warranty can save you a lot of headache down the road. In this post we’re going to […]

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Top 5 Roofing Questions Answered

When it comes to replacing or repairing the roof on your home, many homeowners have a series of questions to ask before they move forward with the roofing project. In this post we will take a look at five of the more common roofing questions homeowner’s may […]

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