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Q: What does E.I.F.S stand for?
A: E.I.F.S. stands for Exterior Insulation Finish System. E.I.F.S. is commonly called “synthetic stucco.” E.I.F.S. looks like the traditional cement based stucco, but it has insulating properties that make it more energy efficient. Visit our E.I.F.S. page to learn more.

Q: Can you paint stucco?
A: Yes. Painting stucco is a great way to freshen up the look of your home or business. Visit our stucco painting page to learn more.

Q: What is kick-out flashing?
A: Kick-out flashing is used to help water run-off at key connecting points of a building. For example, where roofing meets a stucco wall is a critical area to install kick-out flashing to prevent water damage to the stucco wall. The flashing will help to divert the water away from the wall so moisture damage doesn’t become a problem. See our roofing page for more common roofing issues related to water damage.

Q: How long does stucco last?
A: Stucco essentially lasts forever. Your stucco finish may develop cracks, peel, even discolor at some point, but those issues are easily fixed with a little stucco repair and depends on many variables including climate.

Q: I am buying a home that has stucco. What are some warning signs I should look for when inspecting the stucco?
A: We would strongly urge you to get a professional stucco inspection if you are considering buying a home with stucco. With that said, you should look for any stucco cracks, peeling, discoloration, signs of previous repairs, window and door frame issues, and stains on interior or exterior walls.


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