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Stucco Inspections

Whether you are concerned about the condition of your existing EIFS stucco or hardcoat stucco, a stucco inspection is a very integral part of securing the safety and suitability of your property.

If you are purchasing a new property with stucco, you owe it to yourself to get a stucco inspection by a professional stucco company like Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC to be sure you don’t have any hidden issues.

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Signs You Need a Stucco Inspection

  • Stucco peeling
  • Stucco discoloration
  • Flaws windows windows and/or door frames
  • Damage and stains on the interior walls
  • Caulking and roof flashing issues

stucco inspections

Stucco Inspection Process

Stucco inspections are essential because they ensure that a property does not encounter problems over time resulting in stucco repair. During the inspection, we will perform a comprehensive analysis of your building’s exterior. We will examine the building for compliance, check the flashing for correct installation, inspect the stucco for correct design and installation, and evaluate the moisture preventions systems (sealing) of your building.

Since moisture intrusion can be one of the greatest concerns leading to all kinds of problems, we not only leverage our many years of experience at identifying problematic buildings, but also utilize technology with a moisture meter. Advanced tools are just one of the many reasons to consult with a professional stucco contractor, like Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC.

Don’t trust just anyone to inspect your stucco for hidden problems or to assess damage. Call the experts at Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC at 972-243-4770 or contact us now.


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