There are common mistakes people make when they have a bad roofing contractor experience. In this post we will look at the six most common mistakes made by someone hiring a roofing specialist.

  1. NOT checking if the roofing company is licensed or not. It’s very important to verify the license credentials of the roofer your use. No Craigslist bargains here. They should be a genuine member of trusted builders association and should hold a construction supervisor license, which is to certify that the companies work complies with all building codes.
  2. NOT making sure that the roofing contractor has the proper insurance coverage. Always remember to ask your roofing contracted for an insurance certificate (under their name) before you start working on the project. Accidents are very common to occur at workplace and you can never be liable for such mishaps. Hence it is very important that any roofing company should hold general liability and worker compensation insurance policy.
  3. NOT checking if your roof has a warranty and what it covers exactly. A good roofing contractor should always explain to you very clearly about the warranty protection packages offered by the manufacturer as well as the contractor including workmanship as well.
  4. Shopping on price alone. Opting for a low bid contractor generally means the quality of product used is lower too. It is important to understand that pricing is labor and materials. Ask not only how fast your roof will be replaced, but with which materials/brands they will use.
  5. Neglecting testimonials. It’s always easy to come to a conclusion when you seek advice or suggestions from your neighbors and friends who have recently invested in roofing and roof renovation services. Getting a contractor’s client base and calling a few of them would be very beneficial.
  6. Forgetting about roofing contractors with additional services. Rather than settling for a regular roofing contractor, choosing one who offers additional services (like radiant barriers) can save you time when you need something outside of the scope of just a new roof or roofing repair. Once that trust is built up with the roofing job, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use the same company for stucco or other work?

Keeping these six common mistakes people make when selecting their roofing contractor in mind the next time you need roof repair or roof replacement can save you time, money, and hassle.