When choosing an attractive finish for your home or exterior, it is important to consider the practical and decorative applications. Different types of materials can provide your home with different looks and levels of protection and insulation, which makes stucco and acrylic some of the best choices for your home. Let’s take a look at the practical applications for each option.


Acrylic stucco is a special synthetic alternative to the traditional type of stucco. It has a more modern look, and can be chosen in a variety of colors, and is known for its overall smoother appearance. This stucco does not absorb moisture, due to its dense material and water repellant type of finish. Due to its constructive makeup, this material is more prone to cracking than a traditional stucco.


Traditional stucco is an attractive coating for all types of walls, ceilings, and decorations. It is made of cement, water, and sand, and it hardens into a distinct pattern commonly over wood framing. It is very durable, long lasting, and resistant to fungal growth and rot. Like any surface material, it should be carefully maintained for the best effect.

Advantages of Stucco Over Acrylic

To begin with, there are many more patterns to choose from in traditional surfaces than acrylic ones. Traditional surfaces are also easier to take care of, as they will not need to be frequently resealed. It can be dyed a variety of colors, resulting in a much more attractive finish.


While both types of materials can have attractive applications in the home, choosing the traditional surface can have much more decorative options, as well as stronger practical advantages. Always shop according to your preferences and budget, and think about the long term when you buy finishes.