Stucco vs BrickBoth stucco and brick are common materials used in home construction and are usually applied to the outside of a home. Serving as aesthetic and pragmatic materials, stucco and brick are chosen by many but there are significant and noticeable differences between the two materials.

Brick as an exterior option

Formed using clay, aluminum silicates, and carbonate iron, brick is incredibly common for the exterior of houses. After being produced and fired in a factory, shipments are available for a wide range of projects for use in homes, pathways, and chimneys among others. Homes constructed with brick tend to bring lower insurance rates due to its ability to not burn in the event of a fire. Furthermore, many like the nice organized look that brick can bring to any building project. In addition to being recyclable, brick is a cheaper material than stucco although installation and repair costs are more expensive than that of stucco.

Stucco as an exterior option

Stucco, just like brick, has been a chosen material for home construction for a long time and brings a significantly different appearance than what brick has to offer. Stucco is made from a combination of water, sand, and limestone and requires quick application to gain the desired look. Both stucco and brick work well in energy saving and do well in reducing costs in comparison to vinyl or wood sidings. See stucco vs. vinyl siding.

So which is better, brick or stucco?

Although both of these materials have pros and cons to offer, many aspects of stucco set it apart from brick. While brick remains the same color (over time it will fade) stucco surfaces can be painted and any kind of color can be chosen. Furthermore, brick is rigid and tends to favor uniformity more than uniqueness; with stucco the architecture can bend and curve without affecting the structure of the stucco. In addition to these aspects stucco is a durable product in various climates and can resist rain, snow, and heat; however, brick is also a lasting material though its repair costs can exceed what one may be willing to pay. Despite the fact that stucco can cost more initially, it characteristics allow it to endure as much if not more than brick and they create the ability to create architectural designs that would be impossible with brick.

Each of these substances has different qualities and characteristics and has their own things to offer. Although it may be difficult to choose between the two, the decision is really dependent on individual preference and a variety of factors. Brick may be enduring and uniform, although the cost of repair and maintenance can exceed expectation; stucco, like brick, is lasting but it can also offer the chance to be imaginative in construction and, ultimately, can end up being cheaper than brick with all aspects considered.