Christmas Light House Installation
Decorating during the Christmas holiday is almost unthinkable without Christmas lights on your house. Christmas lights are sold in stores everywhere and prices are quite reasonably…so why not? The use of lighting during the holidays is gaining in popularity so much that they are now using transmitters in the lighting to also play music. Don’t miss out!

Buying Christmas Lights

You can purchase Christmas lights in large packages of 200 or small groups of 25. Lights now tend to be LED, in colors of blue, red, green, clear or mixed colors. Christmas lights used to be made with larger bulbs, but manufacturers started making the very small energy efficient lighting that is common today. However, some feel the larger bulbs are more nostalgic and give a vintage look, so they are making a comeback.

Installing Christmas Lights

Installing Christmas lights takes a little patience. Knowing how many lights you want to install is something you gain through experience. Knowing the general, overall look you are after also helps. You will need measurements of all surfaces you want to install lights on, this will include shrubbery. A good guess is to place lights relatively close to get a good showing. Have lots of plastic clips on hand and the heavy duty outdoor cords for added length and extra outlets. Christmas is fun but lights must be installed properly to keep it safe and yourself safe. Before you install lighting make sure they are working properly. Once you get them up you want them to work properly.

Christmas lighting can be placed on anything, trees, bushes, eaves and windows. Keep the outlets in mind when wrapping lights around trees and outside plants. Some people leave lights up year round to avoid installing them over and over, but hiring a professional company to install and remove is a better solution. For some people using a step ladder to place a few lights around the doorway is enough lighting but for those wanting to see the glitter of lights from the next county, a larger ladder is needed and maybe someone to help.

Some decorator pieces are sold with lighting attached. This helps with the creativity. When installing Christmas lights on trees and bushes, working from top to bottom is best. Keep outlets in mind. When working with trees, start winding the lights up and around the tree, then around branches. Everyone has their own Christmas style, safely find yours.