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What is EIFS Stucco?

EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish System) stucco, often called “synthetic stucco,” is actually a lightweight synthetic wall cladding comprised of a moisture barrier, a foam plastic insulation, and a thin synthetic coating.
The insulation board or expanded polystyreen has an “R value” or resistance to thermal loss of 4 per inch.

EIFS Stucco

Advantages of EIFS Stucco

When installed by trained professionals, such as Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC. EIFS is a great way to add value to your home or business. Some advantages to EIFS include the insulation value offered when using the foamboard as well as the ability to design features such as arches, quoins, and keystones…all which can be done for a fraction of the cost of actual stone accents. It is a practical choice for commercial applications or residential applications. You can also choose your type of texture when it comes to the outer layer of your walls.

An Experienced EIFS Contractor Matters

Proper installation of EIFS is critical as subtle details can have a big impact on the longevity of an EIFS installation. For example, EIFS stucco material in any home or commercial establishment needs to be sealed to prevent water from seeping between the layers. Also, regular stucco inspections should be done to check for leaks.

Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC is a full-service exterior contractor, so we have the added expertise in areas such as roofing and how roofing can impact your stucco installation/longevity. Subtle details such as how gutters drain water away from the building have a significant impact on EIFS stucco.

Knowing the correct grade of insulating foam, inspecting kick out flashing and even gutters are just a few of the reasons you should only trust a seasoned EIFS company such as Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC.

Trust Experience. Trust Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC

When EIFS is installed PROPERLY you can expect many years of maintenance-free service. Contact us if you are looking for an experienced EIFS contractor or give us a call at 972-243-4770.

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