When trying to determine how much a roof will cost for your home or business, there are several key areas to consider that will determine the price of a new roof. The biggest factors that affect the cost of a new roof include: size of the roof, type of material used, the quality of the material used, and the degree of repair/replacement that needs to be performed. In this post we will discuss what to expect for new roof cost.

New Roof Cost: Materials

The first area that determines the cost of roof replacement is materials. Obviously the bigger the square footage of your roof, the more materials it will need. In addition to size of the roof, the type of covering selected for the job will also heavily influence the cost of a new roof. For example, will the new roof use asphalt shingles, wood shingles or shakes, tile roofing, metal roofing, or slate roofing? Prices range from the low end for asphalt shingles and go up as they progress to the slate roofing shingles.

Assuming a common asphalt shingle roof replacement, the next determinant of cost is the type of asphalt shingle being used. Will the project be priced with the use of quality GAF Lifetime Shingles or will lesser shingles be used with a shorter warranty?

The final materials consideration is the scope of the job in terms of the material needed under the actual shingles, which can include underlayment, flashing, starters strips and the need for sheathing for rot replacement.

New Roof Cost: Labor

Once the materials are determined the final price factor for new roof cost is labor. While it would be nice to just factor in a general hourly rate by the amount of time it would take, there are certainly other factors to consider with roof replacement cost estimating.

While most roofing jobs tend to be similar, there are exceptions to the rule that can add to the cost of a roof replacement. Some of these elements include: excessive pitch to a roof, high complexity shape (requiring lot of extra cuts), ease of access and height of roof, etc. An often-overlooked consideration is roofing ventilation. In the Dallas – Fort Worth area it is quite common for homes to have inadequate roofing ventilation that can be drastically improved when replacing your roof.

After seeing the complexity in determining the cost of a new roof it is easy to see why giving a dollar range for a new roof would be irresponsible (best case) and potentially a prelude to a bait-and-switch (worst case) down the road. The best way to get “real” numbers for your roof replacement is to get an estimate from a professional roofing company like Mark Daniel Exteriors. We provide residential roofing and commercial roofing to the Greater Dallas area, so we have seen it all.

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