Stucco is a resilient, eye-catching, and weather-fighting wall covering used in many residential stucco and commercial stucco applications. Gray has traditionally been the most common color of stucco, but more recently, manufacturers are mixing in finishing coats to stucco for a more diverse mix of color options. This article will discuss some of the things to consider when choosing a stucco color for your project.
stucco color selection

Stucco Color Selection Factors to Consider

Anyone that has ever painted a wall in their house knows the challenges that can come from picking that perfect color. When it comes to choosing a stucco color, the analysis paralysis can get even higher as there are many factors to consider.

Generally, color selection can be complicated since colors tend to look different depending on where they are applied. For instance, a color can appear to have a particular shade on a sample sheet and then look entirely different when it is actually on its final surface. Also, colors tend to have a different look depending on the colors of things that surround them as well as the amount and/or type of light.

Choosing a stucco color for your home can be stressful as it not only has to meet your style and design taste, but also to be a pleasing enough color that it won’t affect the re-sale value of the house when it comes time to sell your property. The last thing you want is a possible no-sale due to a radical color selection.

Stucco Color Selection Guidelines

When choosing a color of stucco for the outside of your home, it is recommended that the colors consider be viewed in natural daylight. Viewing color choices, indoors, under fluorescent lighting can give a skewed version of the color, as chances are high that it will look much different in natural sun.

The next tip for stucco color selection is to consider the accompanying colors of the house. Are the surrounding colors warm, cool, dark, or light? Is the color you are considering for your stucco job going to compliment or stand out as “off” from the other complimentary colors? These are important factors to consider.

An often-overlooked element when considering the outside stucco color for your building is the surround landscape that encapsulates the building. Is there a lot of lush greens surround the building or is it loaded up with colorful flowers and other colorful visual elements?

Finally, don’t forget to consider the roof of your building when deciding on a stucco color. If the roof is new, then matching will be a little bit easier. However, if you are in the market for roof replacement in the near future, careful consider the roofing color options you might have and how they will match your stucco color selection.

In the end, the most ideal stucco color will emphasize the building’s best features without clashing with its surrounding color usage. Color can also be used skillfully to mask any kind of flaw that might appear in the design as well, so carefully consider eyesores as well. The market value of a home can also be boosted with the right choice of color combination so rely on the Dallas stucco experts at Mark Daniel Exteriors to help you pick the best color for your job.