The roof is a very important, yet often overlooked part of our home. Most homeowners will need to use the services of a roofing contractor at some point in the Dallas – Fort Worth area due to extreme weather conditions.

If the roof is leaking, sagging, has pooling water, or otherwise visibly damaged by extreme weather conditions such as hail or heavy rain or snow, then it will be obvious that a qualified and experienced Dallas roofer will be needed as soon as possible to make repairs.
damaged roof
Regular maintenance and inspection of the roof is necessary to detect any potential problems at the earliest possible time and minimize the cost of any roof repairs. Most home insurance policies also require that the structure of the home be kept in good repair in order for the policy to be valid.

The type of roof inspection required will depend on the type of materials used in construction. If shingles have been used, then look to see if there is any buckling, warping, or cupping. Wood shingles may be moldy, decayed, or split. Shingle granules that have washed down into down pipe or guttering can also be a sign that repair or roof replacement may be needed. If the ridge or whole sections of the roof are sagging, it can be a sign that the framing is inadequate and it is time to call in a professional roofing contractor.

Other Roofing Repair Warning Signs

Flashing should be inspected, particularly around the roof penetrations for tears or buckling. Crumbling roofing cement is also a warning sign to watch out for. Soffits and fascia should be examined for signs of decay or stains. Ridge vents should be inspected for clogging or damage. Gutters are susceptible to rust and problem areas include leaky seams, not being securely attached to the house, sagging or bent sections, or even missing sections. Gutters and downspouts need regular cleaning particularly if large trees surround the home. Chimneys are another common area because they tend to settle separately from the house and so flashing is prone to tear. There may be loose or crumbling brickwork or damage to the chimney cap. If any of these problems are discovered during a routine inspection, it is time to contact a residential roofing contractor like Mark Daniel Exteriors to do a full inspection of your home’s roof.