stucco color selectionWhen it comes to picking out the color or your next roof’s shingles, you have factors like the color of the exterior of the home, homeowner’s association guidelines, and the impact on energy expenses for your home. In the DFW Metroplex, that third variable (impact on energy expenses) might be more significant than you think.

Let’s say you have two houses in Plano Texas…one with a white roof and another with a black roof and it is a 90 degree here is Texas. What do you think the temperature of the roof would be for both houses?

If you guessed that the white roof would have a temperature of 110 degrees and the black roof had a temperature of 190 degrees, you would be correct.

Sure, factors like how much attic insulation you have, if you have a radiant barrier or not, and how much roofing ventilation you have are all going to impact the heat radiating factor transferring into your home but an 80 degree difference from just a color difference is a big factor to consider.

When it comes time for roof replacement for your home, be sure to discuss your color options and roofing insulation with your roofing contractor. You could save 20% or more on your next energy bill.