For the most part, the roof on your home will last a very long time and be essentially trouble-free. Roofs made from composite shingles have an average lifespan of 20 years (depending on the materials used). Since roofing materials are exposed to various weather conditions, and the Greater Dallas area has some extreme conditions, shingles can become damaged and need to be replaced over time. Some of the most common repairs occur as a result of wind damage, chimney flashing, and leaky vent pipes.

Wind damage can happen even when gusty conditions are not typically a problem. All it takes is a gust of strong, high winds to take off roof shingles or cause damage. Shingles that are improperly sealed are more likely to become damaged as a result of high winds that change direction quickly. As shingles age, they become more susceptible to wear and tear. It can result in cracking, bending, or lifting completely off the home, exposing the roofing underlay. Once the roofing underlay is exposed to the elements, it is likely to suffer water damage, which will result in roofing repairs. After high winds occur, homeowners can make a visual assessment of the exterior to check for possible damages. Contacting a professional roofing company right away is the best course of action to ensure proper roof repair work.

Homes with chimneys can suffer roof damage due to worn out or improperly installed chimney flashing. Flashing is the metal material that is placed along the seams where the chimney and the roof meet. Chimney flashing can come loose over time or wear out and rust, whether due to inclement weather conditions, gusty winds, or as a result of improper installation. It is very important that homeowners check the chimney flashing a few times each year to make sure that it is holding up well. When flashing is damaged, it can cause leaks that will result in moisture settling into the inner layer of the roofing. The roof will become weakened, as mold and mildew are able to thrive. Having the chimney flashing replaced when needed is a critical part of roof repair.

Another common roof repair occurs as a result of a leaking vent pipe. Vent pipes located on the roof allow gases from the kitchen and bathroom to escape from the home. Unfortunately, they can become leaky, causing rain water, snow, and debris to seep into the attic. The source of the problem is usually a damaged collar. The collar is made from metal and rubber, and it creates a tight seal where the vent pipe enters the roof. When the collar wears down over time, it can crack or break. A professional roofing contractor can replace the vent pipe and ensure a tight fitting collar is in place.

Roofs are an essential element to any building, protecting the interior from exposure to weather conditions. Common roof repair work occurs as a result of roofing elements simply wearing down over time. It is best to check the roof after high winds, as well as several times a year for damage to chimney flashing and leaky vent pipes.