If your commercial building or house has flat roofing, then there are some major concerns that you should be aware of. While flat roofing is the only option for some commercial property owners, and certain homeowners find flat roofing to be unique and attractive, there is a need to be on top of maintenance and inspections of this type of roofing to prevent leaks.

The major concerns always revolve around water. The biggest problem is it takes a lot of time for water to evaporate from the roof because it cannot naturally drain like on pitched roofing. The more the water stagnates on the roof, the higher the chances are that your flat roofing materials will get damaged. For example, some of these materials will rust or the concrete will crack, thereby causing water to seep through and leak into the building.

Debris is another area of concern with flat roofing. Just like with water issues, natural debris tends to accumulate over time and prevent water from draining from the roof resulting in potential roofing leaks down the road. Regular flat roof inspections are recommended to ensure these types of potential problems can be avoided.

Improper installation or repair of flat roofing is another problem that building owners need to be aware of. In some instances, such as a heating and cooling installation and repairs performed to the building can result in damage to flat roofing. While the HVAC company may have repaired the area involved in the installation, it may not have been repaired correctly, which could results in costly leaks at a later date. This is just another reason to get regular inspections.

The final area of concern for flat roofing building owners is the sun. Extreme temperatures constantly beating down on flat roofing takes its toll and degrades roofing material over time. Catching cracks in the sheathing or damage to roof flashing can prevent problems such as fungus growth and roof leaking before they get out of hand.

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