When it comes to managing your home’s roof, there’s typically three things you need to consider.

  1. What repairs to keep an eye out for?
  2. When should I replace it?
  3. Who to hire to replace it or repair it?
    1. All Roof Repairs are Not Equal

      roof-repair-issuesWhen it comes to roofing repairs, there are two types to concern yourself with. The first kind are repairs that alert you to a problem (e.g. a leak in the ceiling, for example).

      The second kind of repairs are preventative, before a bigger problem like the aforementioned leak issue.

      If there is already a leak or other signs of damage, your best bet is to contact a roofing profession like Mark Daniel Exteriors to get the damage under control.

      As for preventative damage control, an inspection by trained professional (say after a hail storm) or on a yearly or bi-annual basis is a strategy that could save you a lot of money in the long run.

      Time to Replace that Roof?

      There are five good reasons to replace your roof. The first is if the repair costs are just getting out of hand. That is a simple one. Another reason is increased energy efficiency. If you can also improve your attics ventilation or take advantage of a radiant barrier at the same time, then investing in a new roof is truly an investment.

      Sometimes you want to change the materials used for your roof to help better protect your family or gain higher resale value on your home. Both of those reasons are solid reasons for getting a new roof.

      The final reason for investing in a new roof tax benefits. In some cases, adding a new roof can have some favorable tax advantages. Please talk to your local tax advisor for specifics.

      Roofing Warranty

      warrantyWe have a whole post dedicated to the importance of a good roofing warranty, but it deserves repeating that this is one warranty that you do not want to gloss over. Taking the time to reading, and understanding your warranty, can serve you well long-term if a disaster should strike your home’s new roof. Surely that won’t happen here in the Metroplex, right? Be sure.