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If you need a commercial or residential stucco contractor in the Sandusky, Ohio area, then look no further than Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC.

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Stucco Services

  • Commercial Stucco
  • Residential Stucco
  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish System)
  • Stucco Repair
  • Stucco Painting
  • Stucco Inspections
  • Synthetic Stone Solutions

Commercial and Residential Stucco

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When it comes to complex and demanding commercial stucco projects, we have the experience and resources to get your job completed on time and on budget.

We have been helping property managers and commercial developers with time sensitive construction projects for 20 years.

Sandusky residents know that for a durable and unique look, stucco is the exterior of choice. Not only does stucco provide an ideal insulation barrier, which leads to energy savings; it also helps eliminate expensive maintenance needs of lesser materials such as siding.

Stucco Repair

stucco-damageThe need for stucco repairs can be a result of water and storm damage, houses settling, or even when making additions or modification to a home or commercial building.

No matter if you need patch repair, color matching, texture matching, or crack and chip repair, Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC can help.

We are experts and determining the exact needs of your stucco repair project.

Stucco Painting

The advantage of using a full service stucco contractor, like Mark Daniel Exteriors, is we install and repair stucco on a daily basis.

What this means for anyone considering stucco painting is we know what to look for to ensure you achieve a proper stucco painting job.

As with any painting project, preparation is the key. When painting a porous surface all mildew or mold needs to be 100% removed or could quickly experience peeling paint.

Trust the experience of Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC for your stucco painting needs.

Architectural Stone & Stone Veneers

stone-optionsOne of the best ways to enhance the look of your home is with brick veneers, panelized stacked stone veneers, or individual manufactured stone veneers.

When it comes to innovative stone and brick styles, Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC has many popular stone options to compliment your home and give it the unique look it deserves.

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