A properly installed stucco application can last for well over a hundred years. Even though stucco is very durable, it still can develop blisters, cracks, or sustain impact damage. That is when you need an experienced stucco repair contractor like Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC. Give us a call at 972-243-4770 or contact us now.

Stucco Repair Solutions

Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC can help with any of the following stucco repair issues:

  • Stucco crack, chip, or blister repairs
  • Stucco patching
  • Stucco texture matching
  • Stucco color matching
  • Stucco painting

As a commercial stucco repair and residential stucco repair company, we have the experience to get the job done right the first time.

“I just wanted to tell you the repairs look great and I appreciate your patience in working with me on the insurance certs and everything else.”
J.C. – Parsons House Preston Hollow

Stucco Repair Dallas

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Repairing Damaged Stucco

Assessing the scope of a stucco repair project is the single most important step in the whole stucco repair process. The first step in repairing damaged stucco is to inspect the property for damage. Is it only one small patch that needs to be fixed? Do you need to redo a large surface area? Guessing wrong in this area, and hiring a handyman to do a simple patch that soon needs to be a much bigger project can be an expensive mistake.

Causes of Stucco Damage

  • In the Dallas, Texas area our soil is very sandy and therefore residential and commercial building foundations tend to shift leading to settling cracks.
  • Water and storm damage is another common issue here in the DFW Metroplex.
  • As Texas continues to grow, additions and exterior wall changes are another common project for us.
  • Accidents happen, and when they do, impact damage takes its toll on stucco.
  • Caulking failure or improper flashing resulting in water damage.
  • Color changes to bring back the beauty of your exterior.

Whether your stucco repair need is residential or commercial, major or minor, our team of skilled craftsmen will successfully repair and blend your job quickly and efficiently. We not only service Dallas, but also other cities in the Greater Dallas area such as Plano, Garland, and Irving (for example).

Contact Mark Daniel Exteriors, LLC today to get an accurate assessment on the scope of your stucco repair job.