Roofing Material

Best Roofing Materials

There are many things to consider when selecting the best roofing material. From the type of local climate, type of home structure, personal preferences and cost to the local community laws, homeowners have to consider many things before choosing the right roofing material. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each option makes it easy to select the best roofing material.

Asphalt Composition Shingles

The advantage of asphalt is that it can be installed easily and does not cost much. It can last as long as 20 years or more. On the downside, this material cannot withstand thermal shock and is not suitable for places that experience extreme temperature variations. Some people find it not as attractive as other roofing options.

Metal Roofing

Metal is a fireproof material and remains resistant to wind, snow and hail. This strong and durable material can last 20-50 years. Some homeowners consider it the best roofing material because it is easy to install and does not cost much in installation costs. At the same time, it is quite expensive when compared to asphalt composition shingles.

Wood Shingles and Shake

Homeowners looking for a very attractive roofing option can choose this durable material that can last more than 50 years. On the other hand, installation can be quite pricey. The roofing material itself is expensive. While the shingles can cost between 7 and 15 thousand, the shake can cost anywhere between 10 and 20 thousand.

Tile Roofing

This material has some properties similar to the metal. It is fire-resistant and can provide good protection for more than 50 years. It does not rot or get affected by insects. Homeowners looking for affordable best roofing material may not prefer it because its installation charge is high. Its underlying material must be replaced every 10-20 years. It is not a lightweight material and homes must have strong structure to support its weight. The price for tile roofing can be anywhere between 12 and 65 thousand.

When selecting the best roofing material, these are some important things to consider. Mark Daniel Exteriors has extensive experience installing all types of roofing materials for both residential and commercial applications. Contact us today to see how we can help you find the best roofing material for your home or business.